Achievement and Growth as an Individual

Building a solid foundation for personal development and success

Balancing academics and social skills

Traditionally the strength of our education has been to promote both interpersonal and academic skills. Intelligence, physical strength, a healthy emotional attitude, and a strong will to succeed, are all important parts of our well balanced educational programs. We prepare all students to become pioneers of the next generation.

International Exchange Programs

Starting in junior high school, our international exchange programs encourage students to cultivate an awareness of the global community. With study abroad programs in America, brother and sister schools in Singapore, as well as native English speaking instructors from America, Canada, and Australia, students graduate high school with a highly developed and a strong sense of the international world.

Vigorous Extra Curricular Activities and a Vibrant School Life

Ever since Tezukayama first opened, it has been customary for all students to take full advantage of our extra curricular activities and special school events. Everyone is required to partake in after school club activities. We offer a wide selection of clubs such as art, traditional culture, and sports. By participating in a club, students can experience many things, expand their horizons, and develop the necessary social skills to succeed in the future.

Different Courses to Meet the Needs of Different Goals

At Tezukayama, we recognize that every student has a different university objective, whether it is to enter a public or private university, or to major in arts, humanities, or science. Our courses are designed to guarantee that every student will attain their goals of entering some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and colleges, as well as any major of their choice.

Coeducational and Non-coeducational: The Best of Both Worlds

At Tezukayama, one of our own unique features has been a mixture of coeducational and non-coeducational learning environments. In the junior and senior high school, all students are separated into all-female and all-male classes. We feel it is important to consider how boys and girls go through different stages of physical and mental development at different times. Therefore we have found that students can concentrate more on their studies when they are separated from each other. At the same time however, all extra curricular activities and school events are in a coeducational environment so that students can still develop the necessary social skills between their male and female counterparts.