Tezukayama Junior High School

Tezukayama Junior High School

Provides a comprehensive education

The Tezukayama school system provides a comprehensive education over six consecutive years for both junior and senior high school students. Over these years dedicated teachers and staff strive to encourage the development of individual identity and achievement.
Lively classes and club activities! We believe that junior high school students need to have a full and balanced school life. At Tezukayama Junior High School we proudly boast a unique educational system that creates a sound and healthy learning environment for the students.

One of our schools unique characteristics is the preparation of a curriculum for each student accoding to their ability. With over one hundred enthusiastic teachers through this system we can educate students in a way that each individual can be reached. Our daily classes aim to fulfill a basic academic level and many alternative methods are used to take students one step further. By adding a touch of spontaneity and new teaching styles teachers put a lot of effort into being creative with their classes.

Another unique characteristic of our school is the emphasis we put on creating specialized courses for both males and females. English classes are taught by native speakers allowing our students to gain an international perspective and violin is taught to encourage and cultivate an aesthetic sense in students.

Apart from daily academic studies we also have a variety of club activities. Our students put a lot of effort into these clubs and have recieved prizes in numerous tournaments and contests.
Tezukayama Junior High School strives to achieve the goal of attaining higher academic abilities while at the same time promoting a well balanced education.