Tezukayama Senior High School

Tezukayama Senior High School

Equally weighs a humanities and academic

The high school students at Tezukayama are given the opportunity to continue to grow in both their academic work as well as their social development.These three years are pivotal in helping these young men and women become global minded individuals and to be prepared for the many stages of life ahead. It is our hope that students will make life long friends and be sufficiently prepared for the rigors of the university entrance examinations.

It is our hope that our female students will become young women who are confident, well mannered and well educated. We believe that traditional values are an important part of their educational training. We focus on bringing out the students' personality while encouraging further academic achievement.

The male students of Tezukayama can choose from either the liberal arts course or a science course. With either choice the young men of Tezukayama will take part in a challenging academic course of study. With a dedicated staff of teachers the boys will be given a great deal of individual attention to help them with the challenge.

Extra curricular activities play an important role in the school life of Tezukayama students. The camaraderie that is built up in these various clubs and teams help build trust and confidence. Teachers at Tezukayama strive to develop students who are well rounded and confident in various fields.